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Terms and conditions for facility pins on the MBWales.com map


To be eligible to place a pin on the MBWales map your business should:

  • Offer a service to the mountain biking community in Wales
  • Be based and operate primarily in Wales
  • Be willing to host muddy mountain bikers and muddy bikes!
  • Accommodation, refreshment and bike hire and repair establishments must have a Welsh address. Establishments will only be added to the map if they have a Welsh postcode.
  • Activity providers must be self-certified on the Visit Wales Activity Tourism Accreditation scheme. To self-certify visit http://www.visitwales.com/wato

Businesses who provide a service to the mountain bike community in Wales, but do not have a Welsh address, should contact us to discuss options for advertising on MBWales.com

Application and Payment

Pins are charged at £59 per year. Payment will be taken, via PayPal as part of the application process.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure they meet the MBWales Group’s criteria before paying for a pin. Should you have any queries, please contact us prior to payment.

On receipt of applications, the details provided will be moderated by the MBWales Group before being published on the website.

Should an application be rejected, the annual fee will be refunded minus a handling charge for processing the refund.


The MBWales Group will notify you by email 28 days before your renewal date.

The email will offer you the option to “opt-out” and cancel the automatic renewal process.

Renewal payments will be taken annually, on the anniversary of your first payment via the payment details given on set up.

The annual fee is currently set at £59. Should this fee increase or decrease, notice will be given in the renewal email, where you will have the option to automatically renew, or opt-out.