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Trails Centres – Where it all began

Posted by Rachel Simpson on 18th Gorffennaf 2016
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Mountain biking in Wales

25 years ago we saw the start of the trail centre revolution, and it was here in Wales where it all began. Coed y Brenin led the way in setting up waymarked trails specifically for Mountain Biking. Initial trails were basic (along forest roads) with the trails named red trail and yellow trail and some simple mapping provided for riders. Along with these trails the area was also identified as a potential mountain bike race venue, the first race being held by NWMBA in 1991 on a route cut through the forestry. Mountain biking was clearly creating a stir in North Wales. Dafydd and Sian Roberts who had set up Beics Betws with Sion Parry, hiring mountain bikes in Betws y Coed, were asked by the forest manager to do the same in Coed y Brenin. So they took over the café and created a welcome base for riders to refuel.

Following the interest in these initial trails it was clear that people wanted longer and more challenging routes. The Forestry Commission wanted to increase the numbers to the forest park and so it was the vision of a Recreation Ranger named Dafydd Davies who persuaded the Forestry Commission to create singletrack sections on the routes.

So five years after these initial developments came Coed y Brenin’s first sponsored waymarked trail (and what is often seen as the beginning of mountain biking as we know it) the Red Bull Route was here. The Red Bull sponsored trail was only 11km in length when it opened, however riders travelled the length and breadth of the UK to ride it.

MTB Coed y Brenin

The popularity of the trails and the number of visitors encouraged others to follow suit with the creation of the Karrimoor and MBR trails.

20 years after the Red Bull Route made an impact, our mountain biking in Wales is well known across the globe. Coed y Brenin is now one of the most accessible trail centers in the UK and 10 years ago saw the re development of the visitor centre, ensuring that visitor facilities are suitable for the level of visitors coming to the site year on year. And in 2016 visitors can now enjoy 9 mountain biking trails at Coed y Brenin, from skills areas, to family green trails to technical black trails.

Kids Mountain Biking Wales

And of course all the success and history of Coed y Brenin as it reaches these milestones needs to be celebrated. We started off on the 16th of July with the premier of ‘MTB The Untold British Story’; film which features Dafydd and Sian Roberts and also Andy Braund (NRW mountain bike ranger), explaining how Coed y Brenin fits in with the history of British mountain biking. A screening is planned at Coed y Brenin for Thursday the 4th of August.

As part of the twentieth anniversary of the old Red Bull trail, (now called the Tarw Du trail) a brand new singletrack section will be opening sometime this summer called ‘Y Slab’. An exciting addition to an old faithful trail that started the trail centre revolution.

Then on the 1st of October you can enjoy the Fat Tyre Revolution celebratory event as part of the Coed y Brenin Enduro weekend at Coed y Brenin. Ride the Tarw Du trail as part of the event with a category for old school retro mtb’s. There’s a party in the evening with film screenings, followed by the classic Enduro on the Sunday. So a full weekend to reminisce, celebrate and catch up with old friends and meet new ones. More information on the event can be found on Dyfi Events.

And for more details on what you can expect at Coed y Brenin today, click here for details on trails and facilities.

Coed y Brenin Mountain Bike Centre in Wales

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