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The making of Destination Wales

Posted by Rachel Simpson on 11th Mai 2016
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During the early months of 2016 we went on an adventure across Wales to film Destination Wales. A video showcasing just some of the mountain biking we have on offer here in Wales.

You may have seen the video but who are our riders? Well here’s your chance to get to know some of them and find out what they love about mountain biking and their favourite places to ride in Wales

Riding at BikePark Wales

*BikePark Wales

Name: Hannah Escott

What type of mountain biker would you describe yourself as: Type? Hmmm… sometimes I’m the super determined 4X/DH racer training in the gym and at the BMX track for the next 4X Protour race, hoping for the invite to World 4X Champs again. Other times I’m pootling along the cycle paths on the way to work at Overspoke Bikes, singing to myself. I ride 6 days a week at trails, pump tracks, downhill tracks, bmx tracks, dirt jumps. I don’t have a type I just love being in the saddle.

Favourite mountain bike location or trail in Wales: OOOOOOHHH!! That’s impossible!! I love a sunny day at Antur Stiniog as the views are stunning and I love the tracks, or a really rough day at Revs where my Canfield Jedi gives me the biggest grins, then there’s the hidden secrets of The Masts for some really natural stuff, and Afan is great for everything you could want from a bike park.

Greatest mountain bike achievement: Well I’ve been delivering mtb presentations in school assemblies and classes to get more kids involved in cycling locally. Seeing the kids go from eagerly listening in their school uniforms to testing their pump tracks skills at the weekends, of their own accord, is awesome!

Name: Will Soffe.

What type of mountain biker would you describe yourself as: Pro downhill and enduro racer.

Favourite mountain bike location or trail in Wales: The facility at BikePark Wales is the best in the UK and all the ingredients are there for an amazing time. My favourite trail would probably be something secret, hidden up in The Valleys where you can find natural loamy terrain and huge jumps!

Greatest mountain bike achievement: Competing as part of the National squad at Mont Ste Anne World Cup in Canada.

Riding at the Marin Trail

*Marin MBT Wales

Name: Claire Bennett

Type of mountain biker: Enduro mountain bike racer

Favourite location/trail in Wales: Very difficult to answer!!! There are far too many to choose from but if I had to choose I’d go the Marin trail, Gwydyr Forest.

Greatest mountain bike achievement: Womens UK Gravity Enduro Champion 2014.

Riding at Nant yr Arian

*Nant yr Arian MBT

Name: Phill Stasiw

Type of mountain biker: I consider myself as a very fortunate trail rider who gets to guide people for a living. Sharing our beautiful landscape while riding sweet single track is about as good as it gets, unless its snowing or raining, which of course it never does in Wales!!

Favourite location/trail in Wales: Elan Valley is right up their for remote, quiet trails out of the door, but I love riding around Southern Snowdonia too, Cadair Idris, Post Scethin and wild Coed Y Brenin are all favourites.

Greatest mountain bike achievement: Completing the Yak Attack in Nepal, the worlds highest mtb race, despite the deep snow, altitude sickness and upset stomach it was totally awesome! Riding rush hour through Katmandu was a real highlight.

Name: Polly Clark

What type of mountain biker would you describe yourself as : I am a wild trail rider, happiest when out on the hills, exploring new routes and sharing them with others.

Favourite mountain bike location or trail in Wales: We have the Elan Valley on our doorstep which is stunning but I do have a special affection for Pont Scethin – I love the remoteness of the route and the sense of timelessness when you are out there, its a proper mountain bike adventure as sometimes the weather can be pretty challenging up there!

Greatest mountain bike achievement: Probably so far it would have to be riding down Cader Idris without breaking myself! It’s a good challenge to get to the summit with a combination of riding and carrying the bike and the descent is pretty awesome. I was also lucky to be able to be part of the mountain rescue team assisting a number of physically disabled athletes riding handbikes to the summit of Cader Idris which made my ride up there seem easy!

Now that you’ve met some of our riders why not watch Destination Wales

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