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New 2km section of fresh singletrack for the Marin Trail

Posted by Rachel Simpson on 29th April 2016
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The 1st major new addition to the trail since it opened 14 years ago.

The red grade Marin trail above Betws-y-Coed in North Wales gets a new section of trail that was planned to be built along with the original trail back in 2002. It’s approximately half way round the trail. It’s 2km long and replaces a big chunk of forest road and a short sharp tarmac climb. It’s a nice mix of narrow hand dug trail and more modern features, with berms rollers and jumps.


It starts off as an up and down traverse with every down packed full of fun features. It weaves its way carefully past an old heritage site before dropping off on its first descent. Then you’re quickly thrown into a challenging twelve switchback climb up to the bwlch which gives the section its name ‘Dwsin Drwg’ Bad Dozen! Catch your breath before you hit the final, fast, feature rich descent.

Natural Resources Wales mountain bike ranger Andy Braund that manages the trail said: ‘I’m super excited to get this new section open. It solves some safety issues for us by taking the riders off a fast forest road descent, where they could come into conflict with other forest users, walkers, horse riders etc. And off a steep, narrow public road to avoid conflict with cars and local farm traffic. TrailCraft who were commissioned to design and build the trail have done a great job despite working in the wettest winter on record. They’ve created a great balance of narrow, natural hand dug style trail in keeping with the Marin’s character and introduced some up to date sculpted flow trail that swoops through the forest. A fantastic addition to a classic old trail.

8 thoughts on “New 2km section of fresh singletrack for the Marin Trail

  • Martin
    on 16th May 2016

    Rode it on Sunday and although my old legs were tired it was fantastic apart from the uphills fast flowing with gforce berms drops table tops drop offs and all sorts of fun

    • hannaha
      on 25th July 2016

      Hi Martin, Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Thanks for you comments. Happy riding!

  • karl dobson
    on 26th May 2016

    I’ve been riding the Marin for many years and had seen this section was being worked on.We got to ride it last Sunday 22nd May,talk about grin factor,absolutely loved it,awesome cant wait to do it again.
    Massive well done to all involved in it’s creation,the Marin trail is back on the map.
    Thank you.

    • hannaha
      on 25th July 2016

      Hi Karl, Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for you comments, will pass them the Ranger at NRW who commissioned the work. Happy riding!

  • Oz Lloyd
    on 29th May 2016

    Fantastic! Not overly engineered like new trails can be just fun fun fun, and it’s definetly in keeping with the hard spirit of the Marin. Love it!

    • hannaha
      on 25th July 2016

      Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for you comments. Happy riding!

  • max
    on 4th November 2016

    i.e. points 48 and 51 on the route map

  • Jamie
    on 18th September 2018

    Hello. will there ever be a section for Big rig Downhill riders on the Marin ?


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