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Your Green Guide for Easter from Bike Park Wales

Posted by on 1st April 2022
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Kermit is one of the latest additions to Bike Park Wales.  It’s the UK’s longest and most exciting green downhill trail.

Nick from Bike Park Wales tells us about this and other new developments that will help the legendary park become more inclusive.

“…we’re really excited about Kermit, our new green trail suitable for novice riders. It runs right from the top of the site and uses our uplift service, just like our more challenging runs. Where we previously just had a much smaller green trail at the bottom, this new route gives you a real taste of what BikePark Wales has to offer. Even beginner riders can use the uplift and get the whole experience. Being accessible to all types of riders is one the main things we’re really focusing on. We want to welcome people who can ride a bike but might not consider coming somewhere like BikePark Wales.”

And there’s more

“The beauty of BikePark Wales is that anybody, within reason can turn up and have an amazing day in the mountains at regardless of the weather. The entire facility has been designed around accessibility, with of every kind of trail for every type of rider (many of them are surfaced for all weather enjoyment too). Alongside Kermit is the green graded Badgers Run, a 1km loop through broadleaf woodland on relatively smooth and flat terrain that’s ideal for families.

There are flowing sections of trail to give a taste of what is available higher up the mountain. Next to the entrance of the family trail and directly in front of the Café is our ‘pump trail’. This loop designed to improve technical riding skills can be enjoyed by everybody from a three-year-old on a balance bike to a professional dirt jump rider.”

“We also offer packages to make things even easier. We’ve got the fully hosted Ticket to Ride package, where you turn up in some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and we take care of the rest. You get a hire bike and all the protective equipment – plus an introductory classroom session where your host runs you through what you’re going to do. Then your host takes you on to the trails for a few runs, providing plenty of tips and hints as you ride.

Our core customers have traditionally been die-hard mountain bikers who just want to turn up and hit the trails, which can be off putting if you’re new to the sport. We’re now trying to broaden things out so that there’s room for experienced bikers and riders who are just starting out.

It’s already had a big impact on the park. When you come here now and you’ll see a real mix of committed downhill riders alongside families and children. It’s been great to see how things have changed. We want to make it a properly inclusive place for everyone.”

With Easter holidays around the corner, there’s no better time to give mountain biking a go and Bike Park Wales is good place to start #FindYourEpic